The TOP 10 UFO sightings

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) phenomenon has for a long time remained a folklore to many people. A UFO is an unusual sighting in the sky that is not readily identifiable to the observer with certainty as any known object. There are many cases of UFO sightings reported by a nuance of individuals, most of which have been dispelled by governments especially the US government. The following are the top ten most common UFO sightings that have been reported since World War II.

1. The Roswell UFO Spacecraft crash of 1947 – Proponents of the unidentified flying objects claimed that the United States military had captured an alien aircraft that had crashed at Roswell ranch. This is one of the most publicized alien incident and has been explained by many witnesses and analysts. The US military stated that the claimed sighting was debris of high altitude surveillance hot air balloon that had crashed at the site.

2. The Kenneth Arnold case, 1947 – The term “flying saucer” in reference to UFO was coined by the press after an American businessman and pilot asserted that he had sighted nine saucer-shaped flying objects near Mount Rainier in Washington

3. The Washington D.C. flap case, 1952 – This case involved a series of sightings that were was accompanied by radar contacts at three different airports. Many headlines in the media spurred the formation of a panel by the CIA to investigate into the matter.

4. Levelland case – In 1957, there were numerous reports by motorists of their engines stalling after they had sighted a glowing egg-shaped object. The motorists claimed that after the object had left, their vehicles restarted normally. The US air force explained the incidence as an “electrical storm” which had caused engine failure and the sightings.

5. The Westall encounter – In 1966, more than 200 students and teachers at different locations in Melbourne saw a UFO descend into a nearby grass field. The object then ascended over a nearby local suburb and flew away. An Australian non-profit organization claimed that the sighting was a military aircraft under experimentation.

6. 1967 Shag Harbor crash – Witnesses claimed that they saw a large object crash into Shag Harbor in Nova, Scotia. This case has never been solved despite the Canadian Department of National Defence investigating into the matter.

7. Tehran incidence, 1976 – It was claimed that a UFO disabled electronic equipment of two F-4 aircraft and the ground control equipment. The involved military personnel of Iranian Air Force said in public that they had been disabled by extraterrestrials.

8. Sao Paulo case – In 1986, more than 20 UFOs were detected by a radar and seen by different witnesses in various parts of Brazil. They immediately vanished when interceptor craft were dispatched to challenge them.

9. The Belgium wave – In 1990, more than 13,000 people claimed to have seen mass, low-flying triangles. This wave was photographed and investigated by Belgium military.

10. The Turkey Video, 2008 – This is the most recent UFO sighting. A night guard claimed that he had video-taped many UFOs for four months. Scientists in Turkey claimed that this was a computer-animated hoax.

These are just some of many cases of UFO sightings. There are many evidence from witnesses of sightings of aliens. Many documentaries have also been produced with video footage explaining the possibility of existence of extraterrestrial.