Aliens: The Massive Landing

The news headlines send a shiver down my spine. If we were to go by them, the aliens would land in town in the next ten minutes. All our neighbors had heeded to the scientists’ warning, that we should all vacate our houses. This, according to the explanation, was to avoid the grave danger that the alien’s alleged landing from the atmosphere would cause. The scientists had said that the massive landing would cause earth quakes and great rifts of land due to their weight.

My sister and I became petrified as the first signs began: thunder and lighting. We held each other tightly, let the aliens land! No sooner did the earth shake than my throat was held tightly. I thought I would I die. Why did you not follow instructions rude girl? A hoarse voice threatened. At almost the same instance, a painful injection when through my throat. The aliens had injected me with their DNA: I was now an alien!